VG hair Co LTD

Engaged in Manufacturing Various Human Hair Products
VG hair Co LTD couturier for more than a decade now. We have experience of working with major distributors/dealers and upscale salons in the US and Europe. Over the years, we have been engaged in manufacturing various human hair products. We make three qualities – all cuticle hair. All unprocessed raw hair only.

Get Benefited from Our Advantages

  • Quality:
    • Vintage unprocessed: this is natural healthy cuticle hair The textures too are natural
    • Natural straight, natural wavy, natural curly are all 100% natural
  • Quality
    • Raw premium
    • Same as above but in this quality the bundles are thicker density
  • Quality
    • Classic casual: natural healthy cuticle hair
    • Straight isĀ  natural
    • Wavy/curly are steam

Our hair products include:

  1. Hair extensions
  2. Closures
  3. Frontals
  4. Wigs
  5. Clip-in extensions
  6. Bulk/braiding hair
  7. Product customization facility

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To maintain quality and consistency we do all manufacturing stages in our own factory. We do not out source any of the hair sold by us. This gives us control over the quality and therefore we can guarantee all hair products we supply.

We accept all payment modes:

  • PayPal
  • International wire transfers
  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union

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Lead time depends on the order details. Usually it is one to three days. We use Fedex and DHL services to ship out orders. For large/volume orders above 50kgs, we can arrange for spot rates and also book in cargo mode: there by making shipping of high weight order shipping very economical. There is no minimal for sample trail/test order. Sample orders may be placed for any minimum quantity you wish to order for test. Looking forward to start working with you soon and hope for a long and mutually fruitful association with you.

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