Human Hair Headband Wig?! Worth The Coin??

 Last updated Nov.05,2020

Human Hair Beginner Friendly Headband Wig?! Worth the Coin??

Headband wigs are one of the most popular and hot selling wigs in 2020, how much do you know about this wig? Scarf wig?Headband wig?No plucking?No dying?No glowing down?No glue & no sew-in? Wear & go? Real hairline?Comfortable & breathable?Adjustable headband?Easy to care? Are more hairstyles available?…

Human Hair Beginner Friendly Headband Wig

If you are intending to buy a human hair wig with a headband online, you have come to the right place! Here are some reviews of headband wigs from our real customers and people on Youtube. Keep reading what they said.

Why You Must Read Review Before Buying Wigs Online? 

Buying wigs online have been becoming very popular at the present time. Many positive reasons allow us to shift from the traditional market to online. We could always say that online is convenient, portable, time-saving, variation so on and so forth. That is also the reason why reviews are important.

About 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase.

Whether Headband Wig is Beginner Friendly ?! Worth the Coin?? Check Reviews

UNice Headband Wig review 2020 

What customers say about human hair headband wig.

Body wave headband wig review

Body wave headband wig

I love that these headband wigs are so easy.

No lace, no glue, no gel needed over here!

Slap half wig on in minutes! Unice Hair reached out to me to do a wig review of their red headband wig.

It interesting deciding how I wanted to style this beginner-friendly headband wig seeing as my real edges are black.

But I think it worked out and looks cute. This hair is Unice’s body wave texture.

Straight headband wig review

Straight headband wig

Wow, so practical n cute! It is Protective Styles For Wig Beginners. This is a great wig for my Zoom meetings! Lol. I may have to get one of these. Looks super easy to throw on and be presentable

Water wave headband wig review

Water wave headband wig

Short answer: Get one! They’re the best for a quick, easy, and cute hairstyle.

I’m glad you did this review. I’m falling back from lace front/lace frontal wigs for a while. All that gluing down to melt the lace crap is tiresome. My hairline needs a major break. I think the headband unit is real cute.

Natural wave headband wig review

Natural wave headband wig

I’m new to wigs. Skeptical bc I wanna look in the mirror & see myself. This seems perfect for me. I’ll give it a shot…thank you.

Curly headband wig review

Curly headband wig

No seriously, this is ABSOLUTELY beginner-friendly. And for someone like myself who has thin to none hairline, headbands have always been my go-to, my comfort so this is a unit I’d absolutely purchase for myself or my 17yo niece who now loves wigs because of me lol. I like this unit. You look very nice, especially with the bun.

Unsure about Headband wig? Check Reviews from Youtube

Review of headband wig on youtube. 

Definitely going to try this one out! A good everyday work wig

Beauty, glamour, style, refinement, elegance. All qualities are truly personified in this.

this looks so natural and it’s so convenient. This is perfect. I can’t wait to try one in the future.

i love headband wigs! So easy when you have a busy life!!! I think this wig is cute and looks like it would be convenient.

this looks so cute & convenient, I love all the switch-ups with the headband!!

This would be good for beginners just to get them used to wigs or just something you can put on and go in a hurry.

This is amazing looks so natural, quick, and easy to apply this is a must-have stunning hair & makeup.

headband wig review

this is a perfect hair wig so convenient love it, looks very natural beautiful as alway this is a very cute, convenient hairstyle for everyone!!! Very pretty and simple!! I love love love it!!!!

Super convenient!!!! Especially me whose a lazy natural sometimes.

Definitely going to try this one out! A good everyday work wig.

I wish I could something, Ike, this off, but wow this is so pretty and perfect for the summer on these very hot days!

Wow, this is great for when I am rushing off to work at 6 am, I would definitely try this because not having to lay any lace down is definitely helpful!

I love it. Versatile and easy. Definitely every day.

This is a great wig for quick slay, earrings headband, and lipstick and you look like you did a lot.

I’m liking this well! This may be perfect for my between styles and gym hair.


What about a headband wig? 

√ Beginner Friendly Affordable Headband Wigs

√ No Glue Needed &Grab-N-Go

√ Not Work Needed Wig

√No Worries about Hairline Anymore

√Full Protective Style With No Leave Out

Get the Best Headband Wig of 2020 at Unice!

Straight headband wig

  • Non-lace front wigs, glueless, beginners & lazy girls friendly
  • Combined with a special hand-made turban and a newly designed wig, which gives you a chic look instantly.
  • The elastic band is made of high-quality fiber with a perfect turban, it can be used for a very long time and repeatedly, also more fashionable than the regular human hair wigs.
  • It’s a half wig which can show your natural hairlines, also protect your edges well
  • Gorgeous curly texture for daily use, parties, weddings, vacations. Just like your own real hair
  • With different kinds of headbands to help you achieve different looks & styles

Wig reviews are crucial! There’s nothing better than other clients who have first-hand experience with the wig we are interested in a can and tell us about it in their review.

If you’d ask us about UNice wigs, of course, we would tell you how amazing of a quality product it is, and how they are going to transform you in minutes into gorgeous, sexy & fabulous new You. But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it… We encourage you to do your own research and help us to be better.

More NEW TREND headband wig available: 

Thank you for taking the time to visit unice hair blog. If you have any questions or advice, welcome to reply to us.

Is 150 Density Good For A Wig?

 Last updated Aug.14,2020

If you are new to the world of hair, there are plenty of terms you may have never heard before. You will encounter several new words such as hair density, hair extension, hair volume, wigs, and many more. Are you looking for a thin or thick hair wig? Or maybe you don’t know or you have never thought about it.

Generally, a too thick hair system is not suitable because it makes the hair look unnatural. The ideal hair selection is medium hair density. In this article, we are going to talk about 150% density wig, and whether it is good for a wig.

Before we delve into the main topic, it is better to have a better understanding of hair density. Hair density refers to the overall thickness of hair strands on the head. Basically, it means how close the hair is held together on the head.

Many people don’t usually get the difference between hair density and thickness. In fact, they think that they are the same. But this is not the case.They are absolutely different. Density is the number of hair strands on the head, while thickness is the width of the hair strand.

What You Should Know About The Density Of Hair?

Is 150 Density Good For A Wig?

Many women nowadays focus more on the density when buying a hair extension or hair wig. The most popular dense levels for the hair system include 130%, 150%, and 180%.

130% [light density]: this level of the hair system is ideal as it brings a natural look. It imitates the appearance of natural hair. However, it is not very thin. It is perfect for a full lace wig. You can also style the wig according to your needs.

150% [medium-light density]: this level, as mentioned, has a medium density. Many wig wearers prefer this level when buying their wigs. It also offers a natural look, hence making it difficult to detect.

180% [medium density]: this density is very popular. It is preferred by young people who want to have beautiful tresses. Wigs with this density are easy to wear and very comfortable.

130% Vs. 150% Hair Density

Generally, the 130% density wig is the standard level for all wigs, while a wig with 150% is slightly fuller. But both of them provide a natural look; not too thin or thick. There are also other less-density levels for hair systems such as 90%, 120%, 200%, etc. Usually, the hair manufacturer will create a wig according to customers’ requirements. They will customize your hair wig to the level you want or the best that fits you correctly.

Is 150% Good For A Wig?

As mentioned above, this density level suits all wig users, for both women and men. It is neither too thin nor too thick. It is worth noting that hair density can affect the base design of the wig. That’s why hair manufacturers have to use the right base that holds the density correctly.

Some Of The Great Benefits Of 150% Wigs Include:

They are not heavy

They offer great comfort

They are easy to wear

Their density allows them to look natural

They offer great breathability, so your scalp can easily breathe.

If you are planning to purchase a curly hair wig, 150% density wig is the best option. This wig density not only makes the wig look more natural, but it also makes the natural hair to look more thick than usual. If you are experiencing excessive thinning hair, this density is the best option for you.

Factors To Consider Before You Buy A 150% Density Wig

When buying this wig density, there are essential factors you need to consider first so that you pick the right one that will fit you perfectly. These factors include:

1.Your natural hair density

What is your natural hair density? Is it thick or thin? You need to know your hair density, especially if you are going to wear a wig with your natural hair underneath. If you have thick hair, this density may not be a perfect choice as it will make the wig look quite bulky and unrealistic. The 150% wig density is ideal for people with thinner or the same hair density as the wig.

2.The length of the wig

If you love long hair, you can choose long wigs. 180% wigs are long, making it the perfect choice for people who love long wigs. You can choose hair length between 16-20 inches. That’s perfect. It’s recommended to use medium-light density instead of the extra-heavy one. You can choose a longer bob hair wig because it’s trending and can make you look quite young.

3.The texture

The texture of the hair affects the density, that’s why you should choose the texture carefully. For example, if you want a straight wig, then you should choose a medium or heavy density. For curly hair, choose a fuller wig. There is a wig density chart that can help you pick one that suits your needs.

4.Base material

The durability of the wig is based on the material it is made of. Swiss lace is suitable for the 150% density wig and not 200% wig. That’s because it is fragile and thin, and it won’t make a 200% wig last longer. You can use French lace, despite the density of your hair. It is also more durable. Swiss lace is also perfect for a 150% density wig as it brings naturalness.


Now that you have a better understanding of the 150% density wig and hair density in general, you can know whether the 150% density wig is a good wig or not. But generally, the 150% density wig is good. That’s because it suits anyone. It is not too heavy. It is easy to wear, so even if you are new to wig wearing, you will still find this medium-density wig a perfect option. Lastly, this wig is also very comfortable and easy to maintain. So this type of wig definitely makes a good wig!