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Why Isn’t Makeup Good For Your Skin?

Every day we see the ads on TV, billboards and magazines that advertise this product or that product that will magically make you look younger but did you know that many products that may have good short term effects may actually damage your skin and make you look olde 100 siberian mink lashes 100 siberian mink lashes r.

There are many ingredients that are in cosmetics and skin care products that are harsh and do not nourish your skin as they should. Some of those products are petroleum, parabens and PABA. These products form a layer that does protect you from the elements but they dry out the outer most l 100 siberian mink lashes 100 siberian mink lashes ayer of skin and give an older appearance. This type of product also deprives the skin of oxygen and doesn’t allow the skin to breath properly. This makes the skin slippery and appears healthy but under magnification the skin cells appear shrivelled from the exposure to the products.



There is information that the European Union has banned the use of all petroleum products in skin care and cosmetics because they say that it could be toxic and cause cancer. What I would like to know is when will it be banned in North America?

On the other hand if you add vegetable glycerine to your skin products the skin cells appear plump and healthy. Vegetable glycerine actually attracts moisture to your skin and helps it to be healthier. Read the labels on you beauty products and see if you can find ingredients that are probably petroleum based and take them out of your cart.

It’s crazy to think that they are manufacturing products that may harm your skin and market them as beauty aids. I know that I will now be more aware of the products th 100 siberian mink lashes 100 siberian mink lashes at I purchase and will try to avoid those with harmful ingredients.

Some names used for petroleum ingredients.

· Mineral oil
· Paraffin
· Wax oil
· Prolatum oil
· Petroleum oil
· White petroleum oil
· Deobase
· Vaseline

All of these are by-products of the process of producing gasoline from crude oil. There are different grades of oils depending on the amount of filtration is done but it is still a by-product of crude oil no matter how filtered it is. YUK!

Even though it may appear to that these products are lubricating your skin all they really do is form a slippery layer that makes your skin appear hydrated.

Artificial colors and scents can also be unhealthy for your skin. Yes we all want products that smell great but many of the scents can irritate and dry out your skin. Choose products that are unscented to be sure that there are no irritating agents in the products.

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