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Organic Makeup – Is it the Answer?

Everyone is hyped up on “organic” goods these days.  Whether you are talking about produce or make-up, organic is a buzz word that we simply can not seem to get enough of lately.  Going a more natural route may make sense in a lot of ways, especially where your skin is concerned 3d synthetic eyelash 3d synthetic eyelash . If you are considering making the switch to organic make-up, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

Many experts feel that organic make-up is a safer alternative for daily use on the skin than its non-organic counterparts.  Because organic make-up features natural ingredients, rather than chemicals, many people have found that it produces less of a negative effect on their skin.  Many people have also felt 3d synthetic eyelash 3d synthetic eyelash that the organic make-up was able to stand up to the test of time as well and remained durable enough for daily use.



There are some things to be aware of, however, when you are considering using this type of make-up.  The first is that even though the ingredients are natural, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a substance that might irritate sensitive skin.  If you have delicate skin, you may want to talk to your dermatologist before changing make-up.  Also, be wary of make-up that claims to be “natural.”  You might find that the primary 3d synthetic eyelash  ingredient is petroleum jelly and not the minerals and plant extracts that you would expect.  Choose a brand of organic make-up carefully to avoid disappointment in the quality of the make-up you are applying to your face.

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