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How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup – Step by Step!

The smokey eye is sexy and mysterious. The best thing about it is that it looks great on everybody! From young girls to mature women…even on boys! (Punk rock smokey eyes that is!..think Pete Wentz). Smokey eyes never go out of fashion! I suggest wearing the smokey eye at night as a dress up customized packaging 3d  thing, rather than everyday. You want them to be sexy…not gothic.

It’s quite easy to achieve when done correctly. I’m going customized packaging 3d to talk you through it step by step so you too can rock the smokey eye!



1. Use a medium sized eye shadow brush to apply white/flesh toned eyeshadow from the bottom of your eyelid up to your eyebrow. It shouldn’t be heavy, just enough so that it gives you a clean palette of colour to work on.

2. Take a black pencil eyeliner and line the tops of both customized packaging 3d v lids, not too heavily

3. Using the medium eye shadow brush, apply light grey eyeshadow over your eyelid only

4. Use a small eyeshadow brush to apply black eyeshadow to the outside of your lids and half way across the top of your eyelid. Kind of like an ‘R’ shape on your left eye and a back customized packaging 3d  to front ‘R’ shape on your left

5. Apply eyeliner underneath your eyes, lightly for daytime and heavier for night wear

6. Apply black mascara to the top and bottom

7. Curl them

8. Go out and show them off!


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