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Foundation Makeup – How to Choose the Right Color

 Foundation comes in various forms and most recently as a natural mineral powder. It also comes in various shades of skin color that poses a question for most women. Which color should they choose for their skin color? After all, they don’t want to look pasty white, nor do they want to look falsel   handmade 3d mink fur lashes handmade 3d mink fur lashes y tanned.

There are several shades of foundation starting with light, moving to medium, medium warm, medium dark, dark, spiced honey, cappuccino and espresso. Different manufacturers h handmade 3d mink fur lashes handmade 3d mink fur lashes ave different names for these shades but you get the idea of their range.



So just how does one choose the right color? Here is some data to help you make a wise choice.

Medium is what suits the skin color of most American women so this is a good place to start, especially if you are of Scandinavian, German or English descent with pink undertones.

If you are of Hispanic, Mediterranean or Asian descent, you may have yellow undertones in your skin, and your choice would be more of a Medium Warm color.

If you wonder whether you have pink or yellow undertones, there are a couple things you can check to determine which you have. If your veins show somewhat blue through the skin, or if you tend to burn before tanning, you probably have pink undertones. If your veins appear more greenish, and you handmade 3d mink fur lashes handmade 3d mink fur lashes go to straight to tanning without burning first, you would have a more yellow undertone.

Light foundation is your choice if your skin is lighter, but you can mix light and medium to get any in-between shades that match better.

The next shade darker is Medium Dark and this can be mixed with Medium for your in-between shades using the medium as a concealer. Dark is the next shade darker, and the same principles apply. From there we go darker to Spiced Honey, Cappuccino and Espresso.

Using powdered mineral foundation is popular these days and preferred over liquid or cake by many ladies. The advantage to using this form of foundation, besides it being composed of natural minerals that feed the skin rather than harm it with added chemicals, is that you can add layers bit at a time and end up with a more natural looking skin rather than cakey.

So now you know where to start as you experiment with the different shades of foundation.


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