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How To Apply Makeup Like A World Class Clown

Here’s exactly what you need to know to apply professional looking clown high quality 3d silk lashes.

There’s three things we’ll be discussing in this article. First, types of clown make-up and creating your design. Second, the supplies you’ll need. And third, we’ll cover some application tips. After reading this article you’ll know the basics to applying makeup like a world-class clown.

The first thing you need to do is determine the type of clown makeup you’d  high quality 3d silk lashes high quality 3d silk lashes like to apply. There are three basic types of clowns. They are the Whiteface, the Auguste, and the Tramp or Hobo.

The Whiteface clown is a happy looking clown and is just as the name implies. The face is covered in a white base, with black and red eyebrows, nose, and mouth.

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The Auguste clown is a funnier more comedic clown and has a flesh-colored high quality 3d silk lashes high quality 3d silk lashes  base makeup, although it can also be done in pink or red. The features in this makeup are very exaggerated and are usually done in red and black. The muzzle (the outline around the mouth) is done very thickly in white as well as around the eyes.

The Tramp or Hobo clown face is sad-looking reflective of living on the street. It usually involves a tan or pink base with a black beard outline for men and brown or gray dirt looking highlights for high quality 3d silk lashes high quality 3d silk lashes women. The eyes are highlighted in white with black outlines under the eyes and eyelids.

After you have selected the clown type, do an online search for pictures of that type of clown. Pick the one you like best and draw the design out on a sheet of paper. Draw it in color or label the features with the color you’ll be using.

The next thing you will need is to gather your supplies. You’ll need face paint in the colors of your design. The best type of paints to use are oil-based since they stay on longer and won’t streak. You’ll also need an assortment of makeup applicators like sponges for applying the base, eye applicator tips, Q-tips for applying high quality 3d silk lashes high quality 3d silk lashesv and correcting mistakes, tissue, and baby powder for absorbing sweat and oil.

Finally here are some application tips. Make sure you start out with a freshly washed face. Don’t put on any moisturizers as this will cause the makeup to streak and reduce its wear time. Apply the makeup starting with your base color with a sponge. Next use a combination of sponges and applicators to add the features. Start with the lighter colors first and finish any details with the darker colors. Refer to your design diagram for color and high quality 3d silk lashes high quality 3d silk lashes high quality 3d silk lashes shapes. When you are done, seal your makeup by brushing on either baby powder or face powder with a brush all over your face. This will help absorb your face oils and help to keep your makeup fresh and long wearing.

And that should do it. Choose your clown type and create your design on paper. Gather your supplies and use the application tips. Put this to use and you will have a great looking world-class clown face.


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