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Tips and Tricks for Your Eye Makeup

When you look at a woman’s face, the eyes are the one feature you’ll undoubtedly notice first. Some say the eyes are a window into the soul. That’s why the eyes should be given the most attention and why her choice of makeup and eye-shadow and, more vitally, the way it’s applied, is so important layered silk lashes factory layered silk lashes factory .


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The purpose of eye makeup should be, first and foremost, to make your eyes look brighter. It should make your eyes stand out among all other face features. This is achieved by using the correct eyeshadow color and making sure to blend it correctly around the eyes.

Use a color that either matches your eye color or one that contrasts so your eyes stand out. You’re trying to avoid blending your makeup in a way that makes your eyes disappear.

Your eyeshadow should consist of at least 3 shades-a lighter base color, a slightly darker color for the shadow, and, finally, a dark color highlighter for the creases around your eyes. To make this all work, most important tip to remember is to blend all the colors. This takes time, patience, and practice.

Apply the makeup for your eyes first and then apply the foundation to your face. Start from the eyes and work your way down. That way you know where you’ve already applied makeup and which areas to avoid so you don’t smear your face.

After you are done with the foundation, apply the eyeshadow base color. Then apply the main color for your eyelids. Finally, apply the highlighter. But be careful. If the highlighter is applied layered silk lashes factory layered silk lashes factory incorrectly, your eyes will look too big which is a look you want to avoid. Blend all three eyeshadow shades to the transition appears seamless.

After you are done with your eyeshadow, you can start putting on the other elements of your eye makeup, applied to the eyebrows and the eyelashes. Your eyebrows give character to your eyes, so you should not neglect them when you are putting on eye makeup. Brush them with a brow brush and then shape them with eyeliner. Make sure that your eyeliner pencil is sharp and matches the shade of your mascara.

If you apply mascara correctly, your eyelashes will help your eyes stand out considerable, especially if you have smaller, more beady eyes. Mascara lengthens and thickens the eyelashes. But be sure to use an eyelash curler first so you don’t mess up your carefully blended eyeshadow. As with a lot of makeup tips, a little goes a long way. Try to use just enough mascara so you’re not wiping away the excess which can cause your lashes to clump together. It’s always good to use smudge and waterproof mascara if you plan on being out and about, especially in the summer when sweat can ruin your makeup. Use eyeliner just under the eyelids to add a nice finishing layered silk lashes factory layered silk lashes factory touch.

You can add shimmer to your eye makeup if you have darker eyes to make them appear brighter. But be careful, using shimmer can draw attention to the wrinkles around your eyes. Special occasions require special touches on your eye makeup, though, and in that case, you can put a little amount of shimmer on your brow bone. You can further brighten your eyes by drawing a dot or two with white eyeliner or eyeshadow on the inner edge of your eyes.

Another important makeup application tip is to aim for balance. We’ve all seen the woman with a lot of makeup, lipstick, and eye shadow. It just doesn’t balance out correctly. If you’re wearing bright red lipstick, keep the makeup toned down. Red lipstick stands out considerably so you may want to just layered silk lashes factory layered silk lashes factory use mascara and eyeliner if you insist on wearing red lipstick. You don’t want to look like a clown.

The first priority for makeup application is how it’s applied to the eyes. The eyes are one of the most beautiful features on a woman’s face and will be the first characteristic noticed by men.

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