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What Makeup is Best For You

Perhaps you have fallen for a make-up products advertisement in the latest edition of a fashion magazine.  Or perhaps you are hoping that this “latest and greatest” product will be the key to fixing whatever beauty flaw you have focused on.  Or maybe you are simply curious.  Whatever the reason, most of us would not like to admit how much time and money we spend on beauty products that would have been better light weight band 3d real  off staying on the store shelf.  So how do you know what types of products truly have your best interests in mind?

You have to start by identifying what type of skin  light weight band 3d real or hair that you have.  As much as you might love the smell of a certain shampoo, or the way a lipstick looks in the tube, if it isn’t well-suited for your features you’ll just be throwing your money away.  With some products you have to take into account more than just your coloring as well. For example, that foundation may look like it is your shade, light weight band 3d real but the ingredients won’t interact well with your skin.  If you have oily skin you will want to stick with foundations that are liquid and water-based, for example.  Those with dry skin will want to opt for foundations that are oil-based or are creams.



Do you know what color your face turns when you actually blush?  Experts say that this is the color that you should be looking for in a blusher.  So if you don’t blush coral, you might want to think about leaving that shade on the shelf.  The key is looking natural, not made up.

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