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The New Makeup Bag Essentials – Pack It With All Natural Healthy Cosmetics

The next time you clean out that makeup bag; why not refill it with all natural cosmetics instead of the usual name brand products? There are plenty of cosmetic lines that offer alternatives to the chemical laden, animal tested cosmetics and skin care we normally buy. Filling your bag with all natural or organic products ensures healthier and happier skin and helps keep the environment clean mink false mink false eyelashes



Skin Care

Every great face starts with the basics. Healthy skin simply looks better, with or without makeup. Hydration and protection are two ways to get that healthy look. Throw a bottle of water in your purse along with your makeup case, and be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for proper hydration. Keep a tube of sunscreen in your bag and apply it first before applying makeup. Sunscreen worn every day like mink false eyelashes mink false eyelashes  this will prevent premature aging.




Most foundations contain chemicals and other irritants to our skin. They also can contain synthetic oils like mineral oil that can clog pores. A better alternative to cream foundations and talc based pressed powders are mineral based type foundations. These come in powdered form and are sold under several name brands, but always read the label of ingredients. Mineral makeup normally contains pure natural minerals that are actually healthy for our skin and provide a natural sunscreen; however, some brands only partially contain minerals and in fact contain other ingredients like talc. Pure mineral makeup is healthy enough to wear all day and can even be slept in without fear of clogging pores.


We wear lipstick on our lips, so naturally we ingest mink false eyelashes mink false eyelashes  much of what we put there. Lipsticks can contain all kinds of chemicals and dyes. It’s estimated that for those who wear lipstick regularly, they can eat a pound or more of lipstick in a lifetime. So why buy a lipstick that you have no idea what the ingredients are? Cosmetic companies don’t have to tell us what they put in that newest shade of red. All natural lipsticks are relatively easy to find. Naturally tinted lip balms are available as well, and many are sold in recycled or recyclable containers.


Healthy eyes are so important, but we often don’t think about the mascara or eye shadow we apply to them everyday. Natural mascaras contain healthy pigments, oils and wax. Keeping the ingredients simple makes for a great mascara without the chemicals. Powdered mineral eye shadows are also available in a wide range of colors created without the use of chemical dyes. These types of natural eye makeup are easy to remove with an all natural remover like sunflower oil. They also come in handy, reusable containers that fit perfectly into any makeup bag.

Choosing health all natural cosmetics for your makeup bag makes good sense for both the environment and your skin’s health. With all the alternatives available on the shelf, it’mink false eyelashes mink false eyelashes s easy to make the switch. Pack your makeup bag with all natural essentials today.

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