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What Are the Benefits of Choosing Natural Makeup?

I’m sure you’ve seen the effect that some traditional makeup has on women; when it hasn’t been put on properly it can look thick, and claggy; plus it can really ‘age’ some people, which is the opposite of what it’s supposed to achieve; so how is natural makeup any different mink lashes wholesale  mink lashes

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customized packaging 3d mink



To start with, natural makeup tends to be much lighter than the chemical makeups of old. This new lightness means that it can be used in far subtler ways than the makeup you’d have been using just a few years ago, and this subtlety means that you can achieve shades and tones that are going to be far more in keeping with your body’s own natural shades and toning.

As mentioned, many of the old makeups mink lashes wholesale  mink lashes wholesale  that you’d have worn in the past have a heavy dependency of on chemicals, and as we’ve seen from studies over the years, not all of the chemicals being used in the industry are going to do you a lot of good; natural ones, on the other hand, are going to have benefits because they incorporated substances that are known to be good for the health of your skin.

Have you ever heard of bismuth oxychloride? No, there probably aren’t too many, non chemist-types, who have heard of it. Would you be surprised to know that it’s used in mink mink lashes wholesale mink lashes wholesale  lashes wholesale  mink lashes wholesale  many of the makeup’s that you’d have been wearing over the years?

Ok, even if it does surprise you, it doesn’t really mean all that much if you don’t know that it’s a compound that has been created from bismuth, of course, which is right beside arsenic on the periodic table. I realize that school science may not have been a strong point, and that many think that periodic tables are a posh version of occasional tables, so let’s just say that, in its natural state, bismuth releases toxic fumes mink lashes wholesale  mink lashes wholesale  when burnt.

True, you’re fairly unlikely to go around burning your makeup, but can you imagine what compounds like this could be doing to your systems if they make their way in to your bloodstream? Scary, isn’t it?

Natural makeup, however, contains minerals that won’t irritate your skin. It has pigments that blend with your skin, not try to hide it completely. It doesn’t cause a rash, which is useful, seeing as the makeup should be concealing minor imperfections, not causing new ones of its own. It doesn’t mink lashes wholesale  mink lashes wholesale  have oils that will clog your skins pores, and lead to acne, or other breakouts. Natural makeup is designed to be used mink lashes wholesale  mink lashes wholesale  on all types of skin, no matter whether your skin is hyper- sensitive, or dry.

So, if you’ve had enough of makeup that gets layered on, rather than delicately applied in strategic areas, and the thought of wearing something that could easily be part of a school science project has you worried, then now’s the time to make the choice to switch to a natural makeup that will not only help you to gently even out your skin tone, it will give you piece of mind about what you’re putting on your skin.


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