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Green Beauty – How Green is Your Mineral Makeup

2008 has become the year of publicizing sustainable packaging, organic food, and mineral makeup. While “Go Green” has become the chicest phrase since rapper Mims “This Is Why I’m Hot”, many mineral makeup companies are not living up to it’s hype. The concept of mineral makeup is to provide a healthier alternative to regular makeup by utilizing natural toxic-free ingredients. This simply means that mineral makeup real siberian mink real siberian mink should be free of talc, mica, parabens, petrochemicals, bismuth oxychloride, artificial dyes, nano-particles, artificial fragrance, and animal by-products. For example, many beauty lines use carmine in the face powder. Carmine is made from grounded red beetles and is used in the food and cosmetic industry with reports of allergic reactions. Take it from me, checking labels will save you time, money, and has saved me a pimple or two. After years of trying to find the perfect solution for my sensitive, acne-prone skin, I know what ingredients I cannot tolerate, even if it is made for sensitive skin real siberian mink real simink-eyelashes-customberian mink .




While it may not take a rocket scientist to formulate mineral makeup, common sense is essential. A good batch of quality mineral makeup does need a lot of ingredients and the benefits are endless. Unlike regular makeup, mineral makeup that is free of mica and bismuth oxychloride can prevent real siberian mink real siberian mink  breakouts, premature aging and is suitable for rosacea sufferers. Oh, but it doesn’t just real siberian mink real siberian mink stop there. Green beauty companies not only have a responsibility to the consumer, but also to the environment. Organically-grown ingredients such as green tea, arrowroot, and lavender are just a few treats that can be added to your green beauty concoction. Recyclable glass and aluminum are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging. When available, always order refills instead of the original real siberian mink real siberian mink  container. Say goodbye to the stereotypical “granola girl” as we know it, because the new and improved “green glamour girl” is here to stay!

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