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Helping to Perfect Your Mineral Makeup Look

Many women feel vulnerable without their makeup using it to mask imperfections and highlight their best features. We all have an inherent beauty by using makeup we can work to emphasize our features whether that be the eyes, lips or brows that can really make a difference to your confidence. Ultimately the skilful use of clever makeup techniques draws attention to our features, helping to completely transform your face wholesale eyelash  .


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Preparation: Before you begin your beauty routine you need to completely prep the skin in order to create a seamless finish. The skin first needs to be thoroughly cleansed, toned and moisturized which will help your makeup adhere to the skin more smoothly. Once the moisturizer is applied the skin needs to rest for a few minutes before applying the base, so it has a chance to thoroughly absorb the moisturizer. Then blot any excess wholesale eyelash wholesale eyelash  wholesale eyelash  off with a tissue, otherwise if you apply your foundation immediately your skin could appear blotchy.

Primers: These formulations are sold for their skin smoothing properties as they contain silicones, helping your foundation to go on more smoothly. It also woks to mop excess oil from the surface of the skin so is great for excessively oily skin types.

Concealer This is an important part of your makeup routine that should not be overlooked. Your concealer helps to prepare your base, correcting any imperfections and discolorations. It is also a great tool wholesale eyelash  wholesale eyelash  to use to help lift and brighten the skin. By simply using concealer at the sides of the nose, between the brows and at the top of the cheekbones this will help to give the face dimension. Always make sure you blend your concealer in well, helping to create that flawless finish.

Foundation: This is the perfect makeup tool that can help you to fake a flawless finish. As a rule of thumb if you have a sallow complexion that has to many yellow undertones in it, then you should be looking for a foundation base that has lavender undertones. However if your skin has more red tones and becomes flushed easily, then a pinky beige foundation with a cool base will work perfectly to neutralize some of the high color in the wholesale eyelash wholesale eyelash   skin.

Highlighter: Illuminating the face with light can help to give the skin a special luminosity. Use highlighter on the brow area that is one to two shades lighter then your foundation helping to make your eyes pop out.

Bronzers: These are great makeup kits that will give the skin that tanned sun kissed look, helping to give your face dimension and enhance your bone structure. When thinking about where to apply your bronzer don’t fall into the mistake of applying it all over the face, as this will look completely unnatural. Instead think about the places where the sun naturally hits your face such as across the bridge of your nose, your hairline and on your neck and be sure to blend it down your neck and across your décolleté to avoid a color contrast with your skin.

Powders: A classic makeup application does require powder after foundation. A fine brushing of translucent powder is all that is required to set your makeup in place and any excess should be dusted off. As a general guideline the less powder you build up on your face the less made up you will look.

If there is one golden rule to consider in order to complete your makeup look, wholesale eyelash  wholesale eyelash  it is to make sure that everything is perfectly blended in order to avoid the tidemark that can be evident with badly applied makeup. Blending everything together with a brush will prevent your makeup wholesale eyelash  wholesale eyelash  from just sitting on top of your skin, helping to create a seamless finish.

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